"Intelliworks is a specialized language translation company with capacity to offer services for all world languages supported by cutting-edge technology solutions and a proven quality assurance process. Having a decade of professional translation, localization and desktop publishing experience, Intelliworks has come to be associated with service excellence, high quality translations and outstanding value."

About us

Intelliworks focuses on flexible support in an effort to provide our clients with exactly the type of service, quality and capacity that they need. One of Intelliworks' key assets has always been our ability to understand specific localization requirements and anticipate potential challenges in order to quickly adjust our focus. Due to our company size, Intelliworks is large enough to handle large and complex projects, while being compact enough to provide all of our clients with outstanding, dedicated customer service. Apart from our company size, our knowhow and open work culture allow us to remain flexible regardless of project type.


Intelliworks translation services

Our core business is provision of high quality, fast and cost-effective document translation services. We also translate websites, emails and other content, and we provide software localization services.

Our standard turnaround times are fast, but we can work even faster if you need us to! See our express translation service to find out more.

All translation delivered by Intelliworks is created by people - humans, not software. To support our professional translators we have developed software and systems that helps us to automate the translation workflow, extract and replace translatable text from hundreds of document formats, store completed translations for re-use and translator training, and assist with automating quality control tasks. Intelliworks technology enables better quality, faster translation and reduced prices.

We accept all common document formats and many uncommon ones; we can even customize our tools to work with your own unique formats if necessary. If you use a content management system (CMS) we can connect directly to it and automate the initiation of new translation projects to streamline multilingual version management. ˇătop

Careers with Intelliworks

Looking to join our team?
At Intelliworks we have multiple opportunities for you to advance in your career and achieve success. ˇătop

Contact us

2nd Fl. Child Line Bldg, 204-36 Donggyo dong,
Mapo gu, Seoul, Korea 121-819

E-mail: neo@intelliworks.kr
Tel: 82.2.842.4626
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